Enable/disable xinput devices (for example, a touchpad) from terminal or using the API.


  • Python 2.6.8+, 2.7.+, 3.3.+


Latest stable version from PyPI.

$ pip install xinput

Latest stable version from bitbucket.

$ pip install -e hg+

Latest stable version from github.

$ pip install -e git+

Usage examples

First argument represents device state (0 for disable and 1 for enable). Second argument represents device name.

By default we operate with Synaptics TouchPad but it’s possible to have custom device names.

After installation you should be able to disable/enable touchpad by typing “disable-touchpad” or “enable-touchpad” commands in your terminal.


To enable Synaptics TouchPad, type in terminal:

$ xinput-manage 1 Synaptic TouchPad

To disable Genius Optical Mouse, type in terminal:

$ xinput-manage 0 Genius Optical Mouse

There are also shortcuts for enabling/disabling the touchpad.

Type the following in terminal to disable the touchpad:

$ disable-touchpad

Type the following in terminal to enable the touchpad:

$ enable-touchpad


>>> from xinput import operate_xinput_device, MODE_ENABLE, DEVICE_NAME_SYNAPTIC, MODE_DISABLE
>>> operate_xinput_device(MODE_DISABLE, DEVICE_NAME_SYNAPTIC)
>>> operate_xinput_device(MODE_ENABLE, DEVICE_NAME_SYNAPTIC)


GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1


For any issues contact me at the e-mail given in the Author section.


Artur Barseghyan <>

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